187: Troy Swanson

Steve chats with Troy Swanson, professor at Moraine Valley Community College, about his path to librarianship, how neuroscience, psychology, and evolutionary biology can affect information literacy, and the chapter he co-wrote in Libraries Promoting Reflective Dialogue in a Time of Political Polarization.

Troy A. Swanson is Teaching & Learning Librarian and Library Department Chair at Moraine Valley Community College. He is also the President of the Moraine Valley Faculty Association. Troy is the author or editor of several books and articles including co-editor of Not Just Where to Click: Teaching Students How to Think About Information which received the Ilene F. Rockman Publication of the Year Award from ARCL’s Instruction Section. His Ph.D. dissertation focused on the management of technology policy in higher education. He served on ACRL’s Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education Task Force which issued the Framework for Information Literacy.  Over his tenure as a librarian and educator, Troy has won his campuses Master Teacher and Innovation of the Year awards, as well as the Proquest Innovation in College Librarianship award from ACRL. 


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One thought on “187: Troy Swanson

  1. Hello Troy,

    Great to hear you discussing these ideas! If instruction librarians take them to heart I can see where our information literacy sessions could be that much more effective for our students and more important in their college careers and beyond.

    I wanted to point out that your co-authored chapter (as well as the rest of the book) you mention, is available free on the internet at:


    ACRL allows chapter authors to put them in their IRs!

    (Full disclosure – I was on of the editors of the book 🙂

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