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ALA 2013

ALA Presidential Candidates (2012)

ALA Presidential Candidates (2013)

ALA Presidential Candidates (2015)

ALA Presidential Candidates (2016)

ALA Presidential Candidates (2017)

ALA Presidential Candidates (2018) 

ALA Presidential Candidates (2019)

ALA Presidential Candidates (2021)

Tom Angleberger (Authors Are Rockstars!)

The Annoyed Librarian

Laura Bang

Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray

Charlie Bennett & Ameet Doshi – Lost in the Stacks

Gwenda Bond (Authors Are Rockstars!)

Scott Bonner

Danielle Borasky

Paula Brehm-Heeger

Robin Brenner

Sophie Brookover

Liz Burns & Kelly Jensen

Gail Carriger

Kyle Cassidy

Stephanie Chase and Hilary Ostlund

Chattanooga Public Library

code4lib 2014

Cory Doctorow (Authors Are Rockstars!)

Dan Cohen

MK Czerwiec

Ryan Dowd


EveryLibrary Update (2014)

Meredith Farkas

Sari Feldman

Sari Feldman – #librariestransform

Keith Michael Fiels

Jason Griffey

Jason Griffey – LibraryBox Kickstarter

Valerie Gross

The HALO Fund

Buffy Hamilton

Monica Harris & Karen Egan

The Healing Library

Eric Hellman & Andromeda Yelton –

Justin Hoenke

Jan Holmquist

Sarah Houghton

Naomi House

Joe Janes

Kelly Jensen

Elizabeth Keathley

Mary Kelly & Holly Hibner – Awful Library Books

David Lee King

Kristin LaLonde

David Lankes

David Lankes – Expect More

David Lankes – Knowledge School

Kirby Larson (Authors Are Rockstars!)

James LaRue (2014)

James LaRue (2016)

Cicely Lewis

Marissa Lieberman

Emily Lloyd

Susan Elia MacNeal

Angie Manfredi

Madigan McGillicuddy

Rita Meade

MLA/DLA 2015 Joint Conference

Dolly Moehrle

Bobbi Newman

Jessica Olin

Nancy Pearl

Michael Perry

PLA 2012

Ned Potter – Library Marketing Toolkit

Lauren Pressley & Lynda Kellam

Lori Reed & Paul Signorelli

Howard Rheingold

Tara Robertson

Jennifer Rothschild

Kate Sheehan

South Carolina Library Association Annual Conference 2014

Becky Spratford

Becky Spratford (2021)

State of the MLIS

Michael Stephens

Michael Stephens & Michael Casey

Wendy Stephens


Gwyneth Stupar and Barbara Alvarez

Troy Swanson

Troy Swanson & Heather Jagman

Steve Thomas

Clive Thompson

Carol Tilley

Unshelved – Bill Barnes & Gene Ambaum

Cecily Walker

Jessamyn West

Jessamyn West – #nextLoC

Leah White – Library Innovation Toolkit

Lane Wilkinson

Stacie Williams

Melissa Wong

Andy Woodworth

Work-Life Balance panel (Kate Sheehan, Meredith Farkas, Jenica Rogers, Karen Schneider)

Gene Luen Yang (Authors Are Rockstars!)

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