39: Laura Bang!

Steve chats with Laura Bang, Digital and Special Collections Curatorial Assistant at Villanova University.

Read the transcript.

Laura Bang is the Digital & Special Collections Curatorial Assistant at Villanova University’s Falvey Memorial Library. Laura received her MLS from the University of Maryland in 2009. She began working at Villanova in 2010, where she is responsible for designing exhibits, overseeing the Digital Library‘s scanning operations, and assisting with Special Collections duties. Laura also has a propensity for dreaming up exciting new projects that she doesn’t have time for. You can find Laura on Twitter @laurabang and occasionally on Tumblr when she remembers to post. She sometimes wishes she were a better blogger, but she is too often distracted by shiny things.

Dime Novel & Popular Literature Collection
Dime Novel bibliography
Dime Novel podcast
“The History of the Ordinary” (The Public Domain Review)

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