Library Innovation Submissions

Steve speaks with Leah White about submissions for the new book on library innovation that she is editing with Anthony Molaro.

Read the transcript.

Call for chapter contributions.

Recent conferences have highlighted the importance of innovation in libraries, and it is a term often heard in library circles. But what is innovation? Innovation is an incremental process. It is the creation of effective, efficient, and better products, services, technologies, programs or structures to help libraries meet the needs of 21st century library patrons. How does your library engage in an innovation process? What innovations can your library adopt today? Who can suggest, plan, implement and assess ideas?

The Library Innovation Cookbook: Bite-Sized Ideas to Fuel Growth in Your Library is designed to answer those questions with quick morsels that your library can apply immediately. 


Dr. Anthony Molaro is an imaginarian and information activist and is the Associate Dean of Library and Instructional Technology at Prairie State College.

Leah L. White is a Reader Services Librarian and creator of Books on Tap, Northbrook Public Library’s first book club in a pub.

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