180: David Jarmul

Steve chats with David Jarmul, author of Not Exactly Retired: A Life-Changing Journey on the Road and in the Peace Corps, about his life in and out of the Peace Corps, including his time working in a library in Moldova.

David Jarmul is the author of Not Exactly Retired: A Life-Changing Journey on the Road and in the Peace Corps. A writer and world traveler whose blog has been read in more than 100 countries, he was previously the head of news and communications at Duke University for many years. He also held senior communications positions at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the National Academy of Sciences. An honors graduate of Brown University and past president of the D.C. Science Writers Association, he has worked as an editor for an international development organization, a writer for the Voice of America and a reporter for a business newspaper. He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal, where he met his wife, Champa, and with her in Moldova, Eastern Europe, where he worked at a public library, helping it to modernize its operations with limited resources. He and Champa live in Durham, N.C.


Not Exactly Retired: A Life-Changing Journey on the Road and in the Peace Corps

4 thoughts on “180: David Jarmul

  1. Loved hearing about my beloved Moldova!
    David, are you familiar with Little Samaritan Mission?
    They collect necessary items for school and hygiene and distribute these to remote areas of Moldova.
    Also, did you run across a Russian book about poet Teffi, edited by Boris Averin and De Elizabeth Neatrour?
    Lastly, Triad Publishing House in Moscow has a few
    of the MacMaster Bible Story Series that may be available to the library in Moldova. I would love to help with that connection.
    I have made 2 trips (week long) to help distribute necessary items to children left in the orphanages.
    Mr Pindicblaj runs a radio station and many helpful outreaches through Little Samaritan Mission.
    I would love to talk to you!
    God bless you
    Jo Lewis

    Thank you so much.

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