112: Steve O’Connor

Steve chats with Steve O’Connor, editor of Library Management and the author of Library Management in Disruptive Times.


Steve O’Connor is a seasoned international speaker, workshop presenter, editor, writer, consultant and, of course, librarian.  He wrote the book on scenario planning for libraries and other organizations (Imagining Your Library’s Future Chandos which is now also being published in the Chinese language by the National Library of China). His latest book is titled Library Management in Disruptive Times (published by Facet). He is a long standing journal editor (Library Management), the author of over 70 articles and a frequent presenter at international library and information management conferences. Most recently, he has been working on a feasibility study for advanced leadership at Charles Sturt University where he is an Adjunct Professor. Steve’s passion is to foster creative and dynamic imaginative communities that deliver positive and measureable results for their Library’s customers. Understanding that there are many paths to the Future is crucial for choosing well and to dealing, in an engaged fashion, with change management.


Information Exponentials
Library Management in Disruptive Times
Library Management (journal)

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