I listen to a lot of podcasts. A lot. I listen to podcasts about politics, about Apple, about geek culture, and, yes, about libraries. Five years ago, I decided to start my own podcast and five years ago today, the first episode was released with guest Buffy Hamilton.

For this week only, in celebration of the show’s fifth birthday, you can get an ebook copy of Recirculated: Transcripts from the Circulating Ideas Podcast for a $5 donation.

However, the best birthday present you can give to the podcast is to go to iTunes, Overcast, or your podcast app of choice, and rate and/or review the show. Not later, but now. Today, on the show’s fifth birthday. That’s the best way you can help to increase the show’s visibility to a wider audience.

What I love about podcasting is that it gives me the chance to have a conversation about a subject that I’m passionate about, a conversation with someone I admire and respect, and share that conversation with the world, but after five years, it can be exhausting work just the same.

Periodically going forward, I will be releasing episodes of a subseries called Recirculated
(using that name again – recirculating again!), where I re-release old episodes, starting this week with a replay of the first episode (but don’t worry – there’s a new interview coming later this week, too!). These episodes will appear in the same RSS feed as the regular show, so you don’t need to do anything differently to receive them in your subscription.

So, happy birthday to my first podcast. May the next five years go as quickly as the previous five. Thank you to everyone who has listened and supported the show over the years, including not one, but TWO Kickstarter campaigns, and the current Patreon.

Keep circulating your ideas.

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