46: Awful Library Books

Steve speaks with Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner from the Awful Library Books blog.

Read the transcript.

Holly & Mary

Mary Kelly received an MBA and an MLIS from Wayne State University, after which she has spent years irritating co-workers with grand plans for collection development and/or world domination. She is currently working as a Youth Services Librarian at the Lyon Township Public Library, molding young minds through Toddler Disco. Mary’s OCD tendencies have turned into a crusade for collection quality and a clean shelf list (which she carries in her purse).

Holly Hibner also received an MLIS degree from Wayne State University. She can be found heading up the Adult Services Department at the Plymouth District Library. Hibner struts her stuff around the library looking super cool while bending technology to her will. She is still riding high and pulling every ounce of glory out of her 2007 Loleta Fyan Award from the Michigan Library Association.

Holly and Mary managed to publish a charming little tome called “Making a Collection Count: A Holistic Approach to Collection Management.” (The second edition is available now!) Reading it will surely change your life, along with their popular web site “Awful Library Books.”

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