43: Naomi House

Guest host Leah White chats with Naomi House, founder, editor and publisher at INALJ.com.

Read the transcript.

Naomi House

Naomi House is the founder, editor and publisher at INALJ.com and a former reference, marketing and acquisitions librarian for a federal library.  She and her 180+ volunteers work to add over 7,000 jobs a month and tons of great articles to the website.  She believes well sourced quantity is quality and ‘squees’ each and every time someone shares that they found a job.  Along with her husband, Sana, she flips houses in New Orleans.  Naomi is a well known international presenter (over 60 presentations in the past 3 years) and most recently presented at OCLC EMEA in Cape Town, South Africa, at the National Press Club in Washington DC and in Dubai at the American University in the Emirates.

Guest host Leah White is the Head of Popular Materials at the Ela Area Public Library and a member of the Adult Reading Round Table Steering Committee. Leah graduated from Dominican University with her MLIS in 2008 and won the Library Journal Movers & Shakers Award in 2012. Her forthcoming book on innovation in libraries will be out this Fall. She enjoys reading comic books, Instagramming pictures of her pets, and spending too much time reading the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. You can find her on Twitter @leahlibrarian or check out her website.

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