29: Nancy Pearl

Steve speaks with Nancy Pearl, author of the Book Lust series, frequent NPR contributor, and model for the librarian action figure.

Read the transcript.

Thanks to my successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, I was able to attend the ALA Annual Conference this past summer in Chicago to speak with a number of librarians, and the key promised interview was with Nancy Pearl. Nancy was gracious enough to agree to the interview and gave me some of her time to talk about her books, the rise of makerspaces, and readers’ advisory.

One thought on “29: Nancy Pearl

  1. Nice interview! Regarding the homeless at the library, city budgets cannot afford to handle the large issue of homeless across the nation. HUD (Housing and Urban Development) can and should – they offer Section 8 assistance to counties, and government housing, HOWEVER, under the Republican controlled congress – their small budget has been cut year after year while homelessness increases. It’s a damn shame we treat our citizens so poorly. Many homeless folks were once homeowners, renters, workers, etc.

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