140: Maurice Coleman

Steve chats with Maurice Coleman, Technical Trainer at the Harford County Public Library in Maryland and longtime host of the T is for Training podcast, about the origins of his podcast, how he got involved with libraries and training, and why makerspaces are within scope for libraries.

#alaac18 Podcasting Panel (l. – r.) Maurice Coleman, Angela Ocana, Sara Benson, Steve Thomas

Maurice Coleman is currently the Technical Trainer at the Harford County Public Library in Maryland. For 25 years he has facilitated live and virtual workshops and learning opportunities across the country.

Areas of expertise include technology planning, implementation and geek/non-geek translation, successful staff development and training, not for profit organizational and management development and fundraising, presentation and public speaking skills, community organizing, and leveraging social media for organizational growth.  

In addition to his work with libraries across the country, he hosts the longest  running library training and presentation podcast T is for Training and was named a Library Journal Mover and Shaker in 2010.  

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Steve attended the Public Library Association 2012 Conference in Philadelphia.

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photo by Steve Thomas

This was my first time doing interviews face-to-face. The audio quality isn’t always the best and I apologize for that, but hopefully the quality of the speakers will make up for it!

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