167: Mark Ramsey

Guest host Troy Swanson chats with Mark Ramsey about creating audio movies like Inside Jaws and Inside Star Wars, his research process, and the future of podcasting.

Mark Ramsey is a podcast producer, media strategist and writer. He is the writer, producer, and host of the podcast series Inside Star Wars, Inside Jaws, Inside the Exorcist, and Inside Psycho. As the head of Mark Ramsey Media, he is a media strategist and consultant who has written several books and has worked in radio and television.

Troy A. Swanson is Teaching & Learning Librarian and Library Department Chair at Moraine Valley Community College. Troy is the author or editor of several books and articles including co-editor of Not Just Where to Click: Teaching Students How to Think About Information which received the Ilene F. Rockman Publication of the Year Award from ARCL’s Instruction Section.


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