78: Suzan Alteri

Steve chats with Suzan Alteri, curator at the Baldwin Library for Historical Children’s Literature at the University of Florida.

suzan alteri

Suzan A. Alteri, Curator of the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature, conducts research on the materiality of the book and special collections in the classroom. She is the principal investigator on the grant “Women Authored Science Books for Children 1790-1890,” awarded by the American Library Association. In addition, Suzan has curated the following exhibits: Subverting the Natural Order, Bigger, Better, Best: the Panama Canal in Children’s Literature, When Phantasie Takes Flight: the Art &Imagination of Arthur Rackham, and Grimm Changes. Her most recent publication, “The Classroom as Salon: a Collaborative Project on Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe” appeared in Digital Defoe: Studies in Defoe & His Contemporaries. She regularly liaises with the Department of English on campus, which includes the Children’s Center for Literature and Culture.


Baldwin Library for Historical Children’s Literature
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