151: Becoming an Independent Information Professional by Melissa Powell

Steve chats with Melissa Powell, editor of Becoming an Independent Information Professional, about her path to librarianship, her book, and how to find out if being an independent informational professional is for you, and if so, how to do it!

2019 non-specifc headshot

Melissa Powell has been working in libraries since 1980, starting out as a shelver at her local public library as a teen.  Since then she has worked in Public, Academic, Special, and School libraries in public, technical, and administrative services.  In 2006 Melissa created her own company and began working as a consultant for libraries, with a majority of her work being in cataloging and customer service. In 2017 she joined TLC as an Outside Sales Representative for the Northeast.  Melissa earned her Master’s in Library and Information Science in 1989 from Northern Illinois University. She currently lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two cats.

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