144: Purpose-Based Library, Part 1

Steve chats with John Huber and Steven V. Potter, co-authors of The Purpose-Based Library. In Part 1 of their discussion, they chat about Lean Library Management, the purpose of libraries, and managing change through tough economic times.

Purpose Based Library

John Huber is an author, Lean Library Consultant and international speaker. After assisting over 100 manufacturing, distribution retail organizations dramatically improve their service and cost performance, Mr. Huber turned his attention to the Library world. This partnership has been impactful. Due to Mr. Huber’s leadership, libraries have established and met heretofore-unexpected new levels of service and cost performance.  Sample library clients include the Pubic Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, The New York Public Library, Austin Public library, Houston Public Library, Texas A & M University, Multnomah County Library, Gwinnett County Public Library, and many, many more. Sample manufacturing clients include Thomas & Betts, Midas, American Airlines, Safelite Glass, Rheem/Ruud, Zebco, Home International Products, and B. E. Aerospace.

Mr. Huber is the author of these popularly received books, Lean Library Management, Eleven Strategies for Reducing Costs and Improving Services and The Purpose Based Library, Finding Your Path to Survival, Success and Growth by visiting J. Huber & Associates website: http://www.jhaconsults.com.

Mr. Huber has a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and management from Oklahoma State University and holds three U.S. patents. He can be reached at jhaconsults@gmail.com.

Steven V. Potter is the CEO and Library Director of Mid-Continent Public Library. He has been with the Library system since 1988, where he started as a typist after finishing his undergraduate work in history at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. In the years since, Potter has held multiple positions at the MCPL. He was responsible for the system’s first website and the project to bring public Internet computers to the Library as well as developing the largest public genealogy library in the U.S. (The Midwest Genealogy Center). Potter is now overseeing the MCPL’s shift to providing library access in a digital age. The innovative Woodneath Library Center gathers many of these innovative efforts in one place. For these reasons, and many more, MCPL was recognized as a recipient of the 2014 National Medal from the Institute for Museum and Library Service.

Potter coauthored The Purposed Based Library and was named Public Administrator of the Year by the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration in 2015. Under his leadership, MCPL placed a question before the voters asking for the first increase in funding since 1983.  The voters soundly endorsed the library’s vision in November 2016 setting the library’s course for the next decade and beyond. He has become a leader in the field of local economic development and its impact on public entities.

He serves on multiple boards of directors and is an adjunct professor for the University of Missouri. He holds an MLS from the University of Missouri-Columbia and an MPA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

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