75: #nextLoC w/ Jessamyn West

Steve chats with Jessamyn West about hopes and expectations regarding the next Librarian of Congress.

Read the transcript.


Jessamyn West is a librarian and community technologist. She helps run the Internet Archive’s Open Library project and writes a column for Computers in Libraries magazine. She works with small libraries and businesses in Central Vermont to help them use technology to solve problems.


Circulating Ideas, Episode 13: Jessamyn West
Librarian of PROgress
“Selecting The Next Librarian of Congress” (Medium)
“The Day I Spoke to the White House”
#nextLoC on Twitter

3 thoughts on “75: #nextLoC w/ Jessamyn West

  1. Oh gosh I said Billington was “from Smithsonian” when he was actually from the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (sort of a think tank subsidiary). I regret the error 🙂

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