22: Jan Holmquist

Steve speaks with global librarian Jan Holmquist about buying libraries for India, cycling, and gaining a global perspective on the profession.

Read the transcript.

Jan Holmquist describes himself as a Global librarian – because libraries are more important than ever and because the best way libraries can act locally for their communities is to be inspired globally. Jan works as head of library development at Guldborgsund-bibliotekerne – a public library in the south eastern part of Denmark, Europe.

The library as a learning hub in the community is one of Jan’s core beliefs, as is the globally inspired local library where citizens participate to build new knowledge. 

He is part of the German and international library development network – Zukunftentwicklers and the international reading project “Read watch & play”. He is also a speaker, a Dad, crowd funder, music listener and drinker of good coffee. Jan is a member of the international library crowdfunding teams Buy India a Library and Help This Week in Libraries and is working with an international learning project in the spirit of 23 Things about apps on iPad mini.

Jan blogs at janholmquist.wordpress.com and tweets at @janholmquist – You can also find him on other social networks via about.me/janholmquist

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