Becky Spratford (2021)

Steve Thomas: Becky, welcome back to Circulating Ideas.  Becky Spratford: Thanks for having me, Steve. It’s always wonderful to be on this podcast.  Steve Thomas: Well, we already covered your librarian origin story in a previous episode. It’s just how we start a lot of episodes here. So , I thought we could talk about … Continue reading Becky Spratford (2021)

161: Grady Hendrix and Becky Spratford

Steve chats with bestselling horror author Grady Hendrix and Readers’ Advisory Specialist Becky Spratford about how Grady grew up with libraries, the legitimacy of genre fiction, lessons learned from Stephen King, and the Summer Scares program. Grady Hendrix is a best selling author whose novels include Horrorstör, My Best Friend’s Exorcism – which he describes … Continue reading 161: Grady Hendrix and Becky Spratford

Becky Spratford

This is Circulating Ideas. I’m Steve Thomas. I was pleased recently to go speak at the Illinois Library Association conference in Springfield, and I was able to do a few interviews for the show, including today’s guest, Becky Spratford. She’s a reader’s adviser at the Berwyn Public Library. She also runs two very popular blogs, … Continue reading Becky Spratford

166: Stephanie Chase and Hillary Ostlund

Steve chats with Stephanie Chase and Hillary Ostlund from Hillsboro (OR) Public Library, about their paths to librarianship, working with a diverse community, going deskless, and blowing up their organizational structure. Read the transcript. Stephanie Chase is the Director of Libraries for the City of Hillsboro, Oregon.  With more than twenty years of experience in … Continue reading 166: Stephanie Chase and Hillary Ostlund