The Newsletter

Hi, listeners! After mulling it over for quite awhile – literally years! – I decided that the 10th anniversary of the podcast would be a great time to launch a Circulating Ideas Newsletter!

The podcast facilitates conversations with the innovative people and ideas inspiring libraries to grow and thrive in the 21st century, and the newsletter will be released in conjunction with new episodes of the show to provide more context and depth to the associated episode.

There is a “zero” issue posted right now with links to the podcast episodes that have been released so far in 2021, and the next issue will follow the upcoming Episode 200, which also marks the 10th anniversary of the podcast!

Subscribe to the (free!) newsletter today and keep circulating your ideas!

4 thoughts on “The Newsletter

      1. Where exactly on this page:
        can I find the show notes. I do not see anything that looks like they could be them. The first paragraph, what I would think of as the description, only links to recording. The second paragraph is about the sponsor, not the podcast. Being episode 199, there is no newsletter.

        There were quite a few books and links mentioned and I would like to look at most of them.

        Thank you.

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