28: Cory Doctorow – Librarians are ROCKSTARS!

Steve, along with Allison from the Authors are ROCKSTARS! podcast, speak with Cory Doctorow, author, blogger, journalist, and activist. His newest book for young adults is HOMELAND and he is co-editor at Boing Boing

Read the transcript.

Around the time of the ALA Midwinter conference last year, I teamed up with Allison and Michelle from Authors are ROCKSTARS! to produce a series of interviews we called Librarians are ROCKSTARS!, where we spoke with authors about their experiences with libraries. Since Allison and I were both attending the ALA conference in Chicago this summer (Michelle couldn’t make it, sadly), we wanted to do some more interviews with authors.

Last week, you heard our chat with Gene Luen Yang and this week, we’re proud to let you hear our insightful interview with Cory Doctorow. Even though he had a busy conference, Cory graciously gave us his time and shared his thoughts on how librarians remain relevant in the 21st century, his support for fair ebook terms for libraries, and spoiled the end of Homeland (not really).

Stay tuned to Authors are ROCKSTARS! next week for our final joint interview from ALA.


Boing Boing
Authors for Library eBooks [ALA]

Cory’s talk at Library of Congress [Craphound]
Philip Pullman: ‘Authors must be paid fairly for ebook library loans’ [The Guardian];Libraries ‘have had their day’, says Horrible Histories author [The Guardian]

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