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When I started the Circulating Ideas podcast four years ago, I wanted to provide a platform for librarians to share the great work that they’re doing to keep libraries vibrant in the 21st century. I’ve talked to more than 100 librarians and library supporters over the course of the show and generated more than 60 hours of fantastic content, but I’ve found that there are a lot of people that podcasts just don’t reach for a variety of reasons: accessibility issues, different learning styles, or just personal preference, so that’s why I want to do transcripts.

However, accurate transcription is a time-consuming and skilled task, not to mention expensive, so that’s where you can help by supporting my new Kickstarter campaign. There are some pretty cool rewards like stickers, exclusive content, the chance to control the show’s content for an episode and best of all, an DRM-free ebook edition of the transcripts called Recirculated.

Stretch goals include video episodes, additional content added to the ebook, a bank for future transcriptions, and much more.

Even if you can’t donate financially, you can help by spreading the word about the campaign to your colleagues and friends.

Thanks, and let’s keep circulating the ideas!


Circulating Ideas FIRST Kickstarter!

Circulating Ideas SECOND Kickstarter!

Episode 61: Jessica Olin

Steve chats with Jessica Olin, director of the Robert H. Parker Library at Wesley College and creator of the Letters to a Young Librarian blog.


Jessica Olin is the Director of the Robert H. Parker Library at Wesley College. Her professional interests include incorporating popular reading materials into traditional academic library collections, building communities at liberal arts college libraries, and bridging the gap between library science graduate programs and professional practice. In her limited spare time, she likes to cross-stitch, watch Doctor Who, spend time with her geriatric cat, and read lots of comic books.


Letters to a Young Librarian

Episode 60: Dolly Moehrle

Steve chats with Dolly Moehrle, director of Ventura County Law Library.


Dolly Moehrle is the director of the Ventura County Law Library in Ventura, California. A 2012 Eureka! Leadership fellow, she received her MLIS from San Jose State University in 2012, and worked primarily in public libraries before moving to the law library. She blogs at and tweets @loather.

Episode 59: Valerie Gross

Steve chats with Valerie Gross, President & CEO of Howard County Library System and author of Transforming Our Image, Building Our Brand: The Education Advantage.

Valerie Gross

Valerie J. Gross has served as President & CEO of Howard County Library System (HCLS) since 2001.

An educator and attorney for 30 years, Gross holds a Master of Music from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, a Master of Library Science from San Jose State University, and a law degree from Golden Gate University School of Law. She is a member of the ALA, PLA, MLA, and the California Bar Association.

Developing a new vision for libraries, Gross worked with the HCLS Board, staff, funders, elected officials, and the community to implement the “Libraries = Education” approach. She led the transformation of HCLS to its current prominence as a renowned educational institution, alongside the region’s schools, colleges, and universities.

As the philosophy evolved, HCLS became well known in the U.S. and overseas. Gross was invited to speak and write about the strategy.

Gross has delivered 60+ keynotes, workshops, seminars, and webinars on “Libraries = Education,” drawing the participation and input of thousands of library professionals from 45 states and more than a dozen countries around the world. Combining these experiences, she authored Transforming Our Image, Building Our Brand: The Education Advantage published by ABC-CLIO.

For living this game-changing vision, HCLS was recognized in 2013 as Library of the Year by Gale and Library Journal. The most prestigious award a library can attain, this placed HCLS among the top of the continent’s 21,000 public and academic libraries.

As part of the award, Library Journal hailed the “Libraries = Education” equation “a 21st-century model worthy of study and consideration by every library in America, if not the world.”

The growing movement is ushering in a new era for libraries everywhere.


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Episode 58: Lisa Rabey @ code4lib 2014

At the 2014 code4lib conference, Lisa Rabey chatted with attendees about their experiences in the technical side of librarianship, including struggles with gender roles.


On the eve of the 2015 code4lib conference, Circulating Ideas presents some thoughtful insight recorded at last year’s code4lib conference by Lisa Rabey from attendees J. Gubernick, Rachel Vacek, Vanessa Lucas, and Karen Coombs.


Geek Feminism Wiki


Episode 57: Thomas Maluck @ SCLA 2014

Guest host Thomas Maluck chats with attendees of the South Carolina Library Association 2014 Annual Conference.


Guest host Thomas Maluck attended the 2014 South Carolina Library Association Annual Conference and chatted with some librarians about the great work they’re planning for their communities.

Erin Washington, John Kennerly, Anna Zacherl, Rebecca Mack, Jessica Herzog, Matthew Steinmetz, Mark Mancuso, Cathi Mack, Sarah Wilson, Zach Frazier, Amy Ditolla, Jason Broughton, Nathan Flowers, and Sam Hastings contribute.


Expect More 8

Eighth (and final) chapter of the serialization of David Lankes’s EXPECT MORE.


David Lankes decided recently to record an audio version of his book Expect More (more info here) and chose two podcasts to serialize it: Circulating Ideas (for the librarian audience) and Nerd Absurd (for the non-librarian audience). You can also buy the complete audiobook on Amazon and elsewhere.

Listen to David’s previous appearance on the show discussing Expect More.

Expect More serialization episodes will be released every other week for the next few months. Regular interview episodes will continue to be released monthly through the end of the year, interspersed with the serialization.

R. David Lankes is a professor and Dean’s Scholar for the New Librarianship at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies and director of the Information Institute of Syracuse. His book, The Atlas of New Librarianship won the 2012 ABC-CLIO/Greenwood Award for the Best Book in Library Literature. Lankes is a passionate advocate for librarians and their essential role in today’s society.


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